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What Can TWA Offer Your Business?

At TWA, we also supply professional services to the business sector. At the best of times, business is a cutthroat world. In these straitened times the challenge of success has been increased a hundredfold. It is vital then that a business always puts its best foot forward by presenting a thoroughly professional image in all of its written documentation – whether it be marketing material, website copy, or complex and comprehensive tender and legal documents.

At TWA, we aim to be your ‘second pair of eyes’- your ‘gatekeeper’ for quality. Our document editing and proofreading services will give you the reassurance you need. Do not spoil that chance of getting that tender for work by submitting sub-standard, sloppily written documentation. Do not waste that marketing campaign budget by creating incomprehensible, error-ridden copy. Let TWA professionals proofread and edit your documents before you release them. Moreover, with our extensive background in typesetting, design and publishing let us advise you on what solution would be best for your business needs.

If your campaign is a global one, no problem, we at TWA can manage any translation work for you. Working with our translation partner we can translate any subject matter in to many of the world´s leading languages. If your documentation requires ‘sworn translations’, documents such as contracts, tenders, legal documents, and birth certificates, etc. our translation partner has highly qualified, native born, sworn translators available to provide a solution. TWA is happy to provide a free quotation for any translation work tendered.

Finally, if you are a magazine or a newspaper, and you have an overflow of work requiring sub-editing, let our experienced subs rework your copy to meet your in-house style and deadlines. We can do that from our own offices or we can make ourselves available to work onsite.

What Can TWA Offer A Student? 

At this time of recession, college places are at a premium. Many people are choosing to stay in, or return to, education rather than languish on the dole, or emigrating. Consequently, college life has become much more competitive.

In this environment only those leaving college with the highest grades stand any chance of advancement in their chosen career. Moreover, to make matters more challenging, most college courses are marked on a continuous assessment basis, so it pays to get it right - from the start.

To impress that future employer, to persuade that bank to give you that enterprise loan for your dead cert business idea, you will have to be the best of the best, the top of the class – crème de la crème. That is what we at The Writing Academy (TWA) are all about – we want to mentor you to help you Realise Your Potential.

If you have come to this site looking for a company that will supply you with 'custom written' essays, term papers or theses then you should stop here and go back to Googling. That is not what we are about – we are an ethical organisation that believes in mentoring and guiding students in order to help them achieve their true potential.

As former college students ourselves, who have successfully negotiated our way through graduate and post-graduate levels in both Ireland and the USA - and who have gone on to be successful in our business careers - we know the benefit of mentoring. Guidance at the outset of a college career can mean the difference between a mediocre degree and that high honours degree that will make you stand out from the crowd.

So why should you flunk those first few essays as you try to adjust to the style and standard of college life? Why should you risk having your confidence undermined before you have even had a chance to find your feet? Why bomb on that first exam leaving you in a position of playing 'catch-up' from the start? So hit the academic track running full pelt, race up that learning curve and stay ahead of the competition by asking one of our mentors to work with you through your time at college.

Whether you be a first year, or on the cusp of submitting your Ph.D., a nervous mature student returning to education, or a foreign student studying in Ireland and struggling with language problems, let us work with you to help you Realise Your Potential.

Aidan Collins, M.A. - Founder of The Writing Academy

Services Offered

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Subediting
  • Student Mentoring
  • Workshops on academic writing and research
  • Authoring of documents
  • Authoring of websites
  • Academic Writing Consultations

  • Proofreading and light copy-editing: €25–€35 per hour
  • Workshops: €75 per hour
  • Consultations and mentoring: €25 per hour
  • Authoring of websites: €35 per hour

The proofreading and editing cost will be determined after the copy has been received and the quality of the writing ascertained. Poorly written copy will need more time to edit and correct. However, the price will be agreed with the author in advance.

Dr. Pauline Logue - Academic Adviser

Chris Day, M.A. - Writer, Editor and Senior Mentor